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Joy vs. Job?!

YOU GUYS. It has been LITERALLY forever since I’ve posted on my blog. Between juggling the anxiety of jumping between jobs and the major feat of trying to actually become an adult, I have simply been overwhelmed. Which makes me sad. Luckily, I’ve managed to keep in touch with some of my blogger friends on here,… Continue reading Joy vs. Job?!

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I Tried Oil-Pulling Because Apparently That’s a Thing

Last week, I had the most interesting conversation with a fellow Trader Joe’s shopper regarding coconut oil. As we both reached for the same jar – like the gloves in Serendipity  – I stopped and watched in awe as he loaded six into his basket. He then looked at me, taking note of my judgment,… Continue reading I Tried Oil-Pulling Because Apparently That’s a Thing

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Mother’s Day Without Mom

Yesterday, as I sat in the backseat of my girlfriend’s car, driving from Las Vegas to San Diego hungover beyond words, I quietly wept for my mother. I tried to remember our last Mother’s Day together. Did I get her flowers? Did I take her to lunch? Did I make her feel special in any… Continue reading Mother’s Day Without Mom

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Manhattan and The Masturbation Station

*Article originally published for work purposes. Photo credit: Manifest New York* As I work in the wireless tech industry, last August I investigated a waste management company’s intention to transform Manhattan-based trash cans and recycle bins into wireless hotspots. While both an interesting and novel concept, Bigbelly’s idea sparked questions of security, distance and reliability. Similarly,… Continue reading Manhattan and The Masturbation Station

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Random Tips for the Traveler on the Go

In the words of Van Wilder, write this down. -Work trips typically require at least a few fancy pieces of clothing. But after being stuffed away in a suitcase for hours, sometimes your once professional blazer looks like complete hell. Don’t want to pay for dry cleaning but also don’t have an ironing board because… Continue reading Random Tips for the Traveler on the Go

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An Open Letter to my Sister

This letter, or should I say lengthy novel, is something I have considered sharing with my younger sister, H, before she heads off to college. I am so excited because she has committed to attend San Diego State University in the Fall, and obviously I am going to force her to hang out with me!… Continue reading An Open Letter to my Sister

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Thrifty Tips: 5 Things Every Business Traveler Should Bring Abroad

Here is a quick guide I posted to my companies blog regarding traveling abroad. Enjoy 🙂 As glamorous as traveling for work may seem, living out of a suitcase can be nerve-wracking. Make sure to bring these five items with you to travel abroad at ease. 1.Portable Wi-Fi  As mentioned in one of our previous… Continue reading Thrifty Tips: 5 Things Every Business Traveler Should Bring Abroad