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I Tried Oil-Pulling Because Apparently That’s a Thing

Last week, I had the most interesting conversation with a fellow Trader Joe’s shopper regarding coconut oil. As we both reached for the same jar – like the gloves in Serendipity  – I stopped and watched in awe as he loaded six into his basket. He then looked at me, taking note of my judgment,… Continue reading I Tried Oil-Pulling Because Apparently That’s a Thing

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16 Thoughts on Mad Max: Fury Road

Although I didn’t even watch the Oscars, I know for a fact Mad Max cleaned house. Since both Rotten Tomatoes and my brother dubbed this movie as one of the best of all time, I figured it was time to sit down, join the masses, and see why this particular film absolutely ran train at… Continue reading 16 Thoughts on Mad Max: Fury Road

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Shit Millennials Say and What We Probably Mean

With our novel generation comes a whole slew of mixed words, #hashtags, abbreviations, and random phrases that have somehow taken residence in our everyday lexicon. Despite my efforts to not sound like a total douche, I admittedly use over 50% of the lingo listed below. This is some of the shit millennials say and what we probably mean…… Continue reading Shit Millennials Say and What We Probably Mean

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Manhattan and The Masturbation Station

*Article originally published for work purposes. Photo credit: Manifest New York* As I work in the wireless tech industry, last August I investigated a waste management company’s intention to transform Manhattan-based trash cans and recycle bins into wireless hotspots. While both an interesting and novel concept, Bigbelly’s idea sparked questions of security, distance and reliability. Similarly,… Continue reading Manhattan and The Masturbation Station

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An Open Letter to my Sister

This letter, or should I say lengthy novel, is something I have considered sharing with my younger sister, H, before she heads off to college. I am so excited because she has committed to attend San Diego State University in the Fall, and obviously I am going to force her to hang out with me!… Continue reading An Open Letter to my Sister


Heroes Brew Craft Beer Festival

Here is a quick Freelance blog post I made for a client about an upcoming event: San Diego: known for perfect weather, phenomenal fish tacos, and most recently, known for producing some of the finest and most distinguished craft breweries in the industry. Now that summer has arrived, San Diego will be hosting a smorgasbord… Continue reading Heroes Brew Craft Beer Festival

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The details of this night are a bit hazy. So Friday we went to grab some sushi before heading out on the town. Our roommate K has recently adopted seafood into her palette and let’s just say we’re excited. Because I eat fish tacos for breakfast. Anyways, there is something special to be said about… Continue reading #GoneWithTheTide