IgoeWhereUGO: Penguin Island, Australia

It’s the most wonderful time of year…it’s PENGUIN SEASON! Just last week, I noticed my new friend at work (she doesn’t know we are friends yet) had a phrase about penguins on her Skype account. Despite having the always awkward-new-girl-status at my new job, I could not bare to hold in my excitement. Without hesitation,… Continue reading IgoeWhereUGO: Penguin Island, Australia

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IgoeWhereUGo: Banff, Alberta

Canada: the world’s second largest landmass known for its superior maple syrup production, exceptional hockey players, and people who unnecessarily apologize. Although I have always wanted to snowboard Whistler and Big White, I have never really known the beauty Canada had to offer. Lately I have been stumbling on pictures of Banff, Alberta and I now understand why… Continue reading IgoeWhereUGo: Banff, Alberta


Igoe Where U Go: Trolls Tongue, Norway

ARE YOU KIDDING ME. Just look at this thing: I have always wanted to go to Norway-I’m 50% Norwegian after all. But seriously this looks absolutely stunning. Definitely added to the bucket list. It’s located 2300 ft above a fucking lake, I can’t even imagine what it would feel like standing on that thing. I’ve… Continue reading Igoe Where U Go: Trolls Tongue, Norway


IgoeWhereUgo: Six Sense Ninh Van Bay, Vietnam

This specific escape is only accessible by boat, which is badass in itself! Featuring individual plunge pools and surreal views of the mountain ranges of Nha Trang, I imagine it would be a hard place to leave. All of the rooms boast views of the sea, with unlimited activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, hiking, drinking ultra… Continue reading IgoeWhereUgo: Six Sense Ninh Van Bay, Vietnam


IgoeWhereUgo: Pamukkale Thermal Pools, Turkey

With a translation of “cotton castle” this has officially landed on my bucket list.  This place is literally Invaded with travertines and hotpools-17 hot springs to be exact. I already shared my strange obsession with infinity pools and this doesn’t stray too far away from that. With temperatures reaching even 100 degrees, you can imagine… Continue reading IgoeWhereUgo: Pamukkale Thermal Pools, Turkey


IgoeWhereUgo: Phuket, Thailand

From as long as I can remember I never wanted to go to Thailand. For some reason unbeknownst to me, It just didn’t cross my mind. As I’m getting older I’m really starting to develop a deep need to visit this country. Recently, my roomate S picked her Brother and his new Wife up from their honeymoon.… Continue reading IgoeWhereUgo: Phuket, Thailand


IgoeWhereUgo: GREECE

SERIOUSLY. Greece doesn’t even look real. The beaches (from pictures) seem like the most clean, pristine, beautiful beaches in the world. The buildings and structures In a strange way remind me of Aladin. I fucking love Aladin. Things I must see while I’m there: Mount Olympus, Athens, the parties on the islands, , Mykonos, Santorini.… Continue reading IgoeWhereUgo: GREECE