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My Ex is Engaged: The 5 Emotional Stages I Experienced

It was a normal day at my office: coffee in hand, dreading my workload, daydreaming of traveling…when it hit me like a fucking brick: My ex got engaged. And he def went to Jared. Although I knew my ex was living with his lady, I didn’t know how serious they really were. I don’t follow… Continue reading My Ex is Engaged: The 5 Emotional Stages I Experienced

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Joy vs. Job?!

YOU GUYS. It has been LITERALLY forever since I’ve posted on my blog. Between juggling the anxiety of jumping between jobs and the major feat of trying to actually become an adult, I have simply been overwhelmed. Which makes me sad. Luckily, I’ve managed to keep in touch with some of my blogger friends on here,… Continue reading Joy vs. Job?!


IgoeWhereUGO: Penguin Island, Australia

It’s the most wonderful time of year…it’s PENGUIN SEASON! Just last week, I noticed my new friend at work (she doesn’t know we are friends yet) had a phrase about penguins on her Skype account. Despite having the always awkward-new-girl-status at my new job, I could not bare to hold in my excitement. Without hesitation,… Continue reading IgoeWhereUGO: Penguin Island, Australia

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Igoe to Costa Rica: My Experience, Tips & Shit to Avoid

Although I have only traveled to 5 countries, Costa Rica quickly became my most memorable trip to date.  Everything about this place screams adventure – the culture, the people, the landscape, the food, the music, the surf!! In the short 12 days we were there we simply couldn’t soak in all the magic this country… Continue reading Igoe to Costa Rica: My Experience, Tips & Shit to Avoid

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IgoeWhereUGo: Banff, Alberta

Canada: the world’s second largest landmass known for its superior maple syrup production, exceptional hockey players, and people who unnecessarily apologize. Although I have always wanted to snowboard Whistler and Big White, I have never really known the beauty Canada had to offer. Lately I have been stumbling on pictures of Banff, Alberta and I now understand why… Continue reading IgoeWhereUGo: Banff, Alberta

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I Tried Oil-Pulling Because Apparently That’s a Thing

Last week, I had the most interesting conversation with a fellow Trader Joe’s shopper regarding coconut oil. As we both reached for the same jar – like the gloves in Serendipity  – I stopped and watched in awe as he loaded six into his basket. He then looked at me, taking note of my judgment,… Continue reading I Tried Oil-Pulling Because Apparently That’s a Thing