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Igoe to Mexico, New Orleans & Las Vegas!

Holy shit. This year year has been intense. I feel like I have been home far less than I have been away, which of course is good and bad. Good because I get to travel (my fave!) but bad because my life seems to be a bit of an unorganized mess when I’m on the road. Also bad because I’m paying rent for an unoccupied room on the bay. Sigh. Regardless, this last month has been epic!

image (77)

My dear C turned one year older and we decided to celebrate in none other than M-E-X-I-C-O! We ended up renting out a pad in a bit of new location in Baja, right at the K38 surf break!  If you are planning a trip to MX with friends I highly recommend looking into Homeaway, more specifically I recommend checking out this exact house – so sick! Five bedrooms, two baths, tons of couch-crashing options, and right on the water. Major plus if you get a big damn group together like we did and share the cost, I think I paid about $80 for three nights. Fun fact: I WILL NEVER FUCKING DRIVE IN MEXICO AGAIN. Ever. I almost killed myself and four of my friends on the way down from San Diego. Mexico has the absolute worst drivers, and I live in California so that’s saying a lot. I was about two inches away from plowing into a rapey looking van after being cut off three times in a row. NOPE. Never again. If you have a short fuse and a tendency for mild panic attacks I recommend the same for you. It’s no wonder the Yucatan Tribune reported that traffic accidents kill as many people each year as organized crime…

image (33)

image (56)

image (55)

Anyways once we survived the lawless roads we met up with everyone at the house who had already been getting pissed drunk all day! It was great.

image (1)

image (31)

image (29)

image (51)

image (34)

image (58)

image (57)

image (47)

Blow up shark received a lot of attention this trip

image (61)

image (59)

image (60)

This is Charlie the II. The stray dog Charlie number one and I found while trying to find a market

image (65).jpeg

Saturday night was a blast! We went to a delicious, authentic MX restaurant and ended up hitting up Papas & Beer for dancing (standard). Place is insane. So insane that I ended up throwing up surfing the next day. That was a first.

image (9)

image (10)

sooooo many drinks.

image (6)

All in all this trip was amazing. Only downside was the weather wasn’t super hot, and we also didn’t have enough time to go and explore the town – god knows I wasn’t willing to drive myself.

image (8)

Up next on the schedule was New Orleans for the

Jazz Fest!  

Just look at this lineup, UNREAL:


I seriously love New Orleans. The culture is so unique and unlike anywhere else I’ve ever been. Since my stepmom is from New Orleans, I luckily have been able to attend Mardi Gras a few times, hit up a bunch of Crawfish Boils, and in general got to absorb a lot of the music, art, food, etc. Such a rad place. But going to Jazz Fest this year wasn’t on my initial agenda, and it pretty much came as a surprise after meeting a guy named ‘E’.

Back in March, I went on a trip to surprise my friend from college and ended up meeting E at the airport. Since I travel for work on a regular basis, I find myself always meeting random people to help pass the time. Just this year I’ve met a chick from LA on the way to Phoenix that knew a bunch of my girlfriends from a sorority in Boulder. I’ve met an interesting dude that spoke 8 languages on the way to Frankfurt. I’ve even met an adorable Grandma from Sweden on my way to Spain that ended up sharing her homemade loaf of bread with me…. but I definitely have never met a hot guy at the airport, which in ‘girl world’ is equally adorable as it is unlikely. I’ve especially never met someone that ends up inviting me on a trip to one of my favorite cities.

After a few weeks of getting to know each other we bit the bullet and arranged to meet in Alabama and drive to New Orleans. Second time hanging out and forced to drive five hours together?! Bold. I know.

image (11)

What I didn’t know was how GREEN Alabama is. It’s beautiful. Being a Colorado native and moving to California, I really miss how healthy and green the land is. The road to N.O. was a never ending cave of beautiful, massive trees. I loved it.


image (12)

Once arrived, we went to the Hyatt Regency that literally overlooks the Superdome. This hotel is extremely beautiful, and the location can’t be beat if you are headed to a Saints game. E had my fave flowers waiting for me in the room and I pretty much lost my shit. #1 I am a child and I completely LOVE surprises and #2 just look at these fucking things. AHHHHH.

image (62)

image (14)

I also got to try wine from Israel for the first time and it was delicious, completely different then the boxed garbage I bring home on a weekly basis. I wonder why it’s so different. Maybe I should look into that.

image (64)

E ended up making reservations at Commanders Palace, voted best restaurant of New Orleans in 2014. This place is a gorgeous, assumingly five star restaurant with some of the best service I’ve ever seen. We had a different waiter for everything – drink waiter, food waiter, “Is everything ok?” waiter, and I think we even had a designated ‘crumb’ waiter assigned to clean off our table before our next course. Super fancy. I’m honestly not even sure what we ordered but it was fantastic and the details did not go unnoticed.

image (15)

image (17)

image (65)

image (19)

E had his first encounter with a crawfish.

image (48)

The next day at the festival we got to see Nathaniel Rateliff & The Nightsweats. So amazing. I only got to catch a part of them which makes me sad because they are fantastic live. I’ve been stalking the shit out of their tour dates and can’t seem to find them coming to CA anytime soon. Lame. We also got to see Pearl Jam that night which was an amazing performance. I’ve been listening to them for years so it was quite the experience to actually see them live. Although initially more excited for Red Hot Chili Peppers, both E and I thought Pearl Jam stole the show.

image (52)

image (68)

image (57)

image (23)

image (45)

image (47)

image (60)

I was overly excited to find someone wearing pineapples like me. Especially since I knew I looked like a total dick in this outfit.

image (43)


Seriously such a fun weekend in Nola and can’t wait to go back. Next time I definitely need to make it a point to see my step family, but this trip was just too short. After our break from reality it was time to drive back to catch my plane – I cannot DESCRIBE the level of anxiety I was feeling driving back to Birmingham. Seriously almost shit myself. We left far too late and he had to drive like a bat out of hell in order to get me to the airport five minutes before they closed my gate. It was unbelievable that I made it. THANK GOD & Thank you E!

Up next: VEGAS BABY!!

One great thing about my job is that it affords me the opportunity to travel. Especially to Sin City. Interop 2016 officially marks the 17th time I’ve been to Vegas for JUST work – Not including vacation. Luckily I nailed out the majority of my heavy work load early so I had some down time. This trip was extremely successful for our company, and I was excited to be a part of some big named partnerships. E came out to play and my girlfriends ended up scheduling a trip out that same weekend so it turned out to be a blast! We ate some damn good food, hit up Calvin Harris, drank waaayyy too much, and at some point during the trip I peed on the floor of the MGM Grand. Super classy, I know.

image (5)

image (12)

image (2)

image (14)

image (9)

image (3)

image (69)

image (6)

image (71)

image (7)

image (70)

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

image (68)

Sometimes I just can’t hang.

Until next time Vegas,  you SOB!



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