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Igoe to Brooklyn – Big Bear – San Francisco – Corpus Christi

This past month of my life has been an absolute whirlwind. Lots of work and play on the road! On my way back from Barcelona I ended up stopping in Brooklyn, NY to visit my bro and his gf since I had a layover in Newark. I haven’t been to NY for a couple years and I was excited to check it out even if it was only for 48 hours.

image (56)

My bro and his gf and I went for a stroll around Brooklyn and it was an iceberg! I was not dressed the part.

image (51)

First night there I was beat to hell from Spain so passed out after attempting to watch Spotlight. Have any of you seen that movie? I could not get into it. Apparently my brother and I pass out the exact same – check out that leg lift captured by Rachel


The next day we rented bikes and went all around the city.

image (54).jpeg

image (55)

Some talented dick-enthusiast graffiti artists got after the Brooklyn Bridge and I felt I needed to share

We then checked out the Chelsea Market on our bike ride, it’s seriously adorable I don’t know why I have an obsession with markets lately but I love all the unique trinkets you can find

image (57).jpeg

image (53).jpeg


image (60).jpeg

image (58).jpeg



image (59).jpeg


There was this lil Oil, Vinegar, and Salt shop called the Filling Station inside the market. This place is so neat, there’s everything from chili infused oil,  dark chocolate vinegar and black truffle sea salt.

image (52).jpeg

For dinner that night we went to Pok Pok NY, which was seriously some of the best food I’ve ever had. After almost a two hour wait we were seated inside this cute, very small restaurant. We tried some unique dishes like the fish sauce wings, spicy seafood noodles, and a duck liver salad (sounds disgusting but it was the best thing I tried).

AND OF COURSE before I left we had to slam some Artichoke Basille’s Pizza – I ate this last time I was in NY at 4 in the morning and one beer away from blacking out. Still the best pizza I’ve ever had even though it takes about three weeks to burn off one slice #NoRagrets

image (61).jpeg


We got the Artichoke pizza, the crab pizza, and some thick ass brick pizza. Apparently this place now carries frozen pizza’s and I feel like I need to know if they ship to California…

I was sad I only got to see my fam for two days but it was totally worth it. Even when my cab broke down at 3:30am on the way to the airport. Poor Hamid!!!

image (63).jpeg

IGOE to Big Bear, CA

Following my NY trip, the girls and I hit the slopes for one last snowbaording sesh before the season ended. I hadn’t snowboarded since I cracked my riblette – best runs I’ve had all season.

image (64).jpeg

image (67).jpeg

image (65).jpeg

image (66).jpeg

Nothin like slugging some fireball on the mountain.

image (70).jpeg

image (69).jpeg

image (68).jpeg

So much fun, hoping the girls and I can do a road trip to CO this year and hit Vail and Breck!

Igoe to San Fran, CA!

Immediately after our trip to the mountains I was headed to San Francisco for a few days for a conference. I have always wanted to check out SF, especially that I have a few buddies that live there that absolutely love it. It’s sooo beautiful, and the weather was perfect. Although I only had less than a day to explore, it was a great trip and met some cool people at the Eyefor Travel Conference. Some of the biggest names in my industry were in attendance, including Chief Travel Officer for Facebook, President of Travel for Twitter, and COO for Google. It was in one of the coolest hotels I’ve ever been to called Hotel Nikko, it’s all gold and white and over $650 to stay a night.

image (74).jpeg

I don’t think this picture of the staircase did justice, but it was a really incredible hotel. The conference was a complete success and we ended up securing a lot of leads. But I was so thankful that I had a minute to explore with my buddy S that lives there. First on my to- do list was to check out Dolores Park that looks over the entire city

image (78).jpeg

image (83).jpeg

Everything is so green, much different than San Diego. And there are hills everywhere, I never knew! The hills are steep as FUCK and since I walked everywhere I was sweating my face off.

image (75).jpeg

image (76).jpeg

image (87).jpegimage (86).jpeg

After the park I mosied  over to Fisherman’s Wharf to see the market (told you I have this weird obsession with markets). image (77).jpeg

Since I was waiting for S to get off work before we grabbed drinks, I checked out Boudin’s, an apparently  very famous bread company. It’s a massive building, sitting right on the water. Since I don’t like bread I wasn’t super amped but it was still a really cool site to see.

image (81).jpeg

image (82).jpegimage (80).jpeg

I didn’t try the bread but I did have a habanero infused margarita with jalapeno juice and siracha flakes. It’s like this drink was made for me. If you go, make sure to ask for Phil and Jessica as they were the best damn bartenders I had ever met, thanks for making my time enjoyable guys!! They hooked me up with countless free drinks and all kinds of unique shots. Great people.

image (84).jpeg

Once S met up with me, he took me to FINALLY see the bridge. I was so excited, I’m such a tourist.

image (91).jpeg

image (97).jpeg

image (90).jpeg

image (98).jpeg

Above is a rare picture of S taking a  picture of an Asian taking a picture of an Asian (ATPA) – It’s a hobby of his.

image (94).jpeg


image (99).jpeg

super effing windy. Before I left we checked out a few other really cool spots, one was called The Tipsy Pig and has a drink called “Strawberry Fields” that was fucking delicious. Even I felt gay just saying that. Worth it.



All in all my trip was cut way too short, so I will be back. I could totally see myself living in San Fran though. The people, the art, the food, the music, the weather, etc. are all perfect. Such a cool place.

Igoe to Corpus Christi

The other day I was on the phone with one of my best friend’s from college and he had mentioned that him and the boys were going out to Corpus Christi to visit our friend Brett for Spring Break and asked if I wanted to join. I obviously couldn’t say no. Even though I was only there for about 48 hours it was worth every minute. I hadn’t seen Brett since he surprised me in San Diego almost two years ago after he joined the Navy so I was beyond excited to surprise him! The weekend was a blast and filled with way too much booze, playing beach volleyball, kayaking, playing extreme Mario Kart, and the boys somehow managed to get me to a strip club. Good times. Miss you all already!!!

On our way to surprise Britty!!!


This is Butters – the resident dog at what turned out to be our local (drive through) liquor store in Corpus Christi!




Poor Jesse got burned regardless of his sunscreen techniques.





Miss and love you guys, until next time!!!!




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