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Igoe to Seattle for 26 Hours

Well I think I officially found another state in the U.S. that I could imagine living in: Seattle Baby! Last minute, my company had me fly out to The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for a conference. At first, I was a bit hesitant as I have been on the road a lot and haven’t even unpacked from my last two trips – Mexico blog post to follow! But once I was in Seattle, I fell in love. From the views, the people, the art, the music, the food, it is a very underrated place. Since I only had a little over a day to attend a conference/explore, I tried to pack in as much as possible.


I leaned over  a smoking hot dude to take this picture while he was asleep, god bless Southwest Airlines for letting me pick my seat. Thanks for the views!

Here’s a pic outside of the foundation, unfortunately security was so high I wasn’t allowed to take photos inside – I even had to have an escort to use the bathroom…



Finally got to see the Space Needle, pretty damn neat


I need to cool it on my snapchat game….

After my conference, I had dinner with two of the reps from the foundation at Ti 22 in Donwtown. HOLY SHIT GUYS, seriously some of the best Panang Curry I’ve ever had and the boys and I ended up staying for almost five hours we were having so much fun with the staff. One of the bartenders, coincidentally named Catherine but with a ‘C’ was one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. I really love the people in Seattle, and for only being there for a day they made a lasting impression on me. Plus I typically find Catherine’s with a ‘C’ suck but she was an exception.

After the conference the next day, I roamed around Pike Place Market.  Such a cool place, I had heard about it from a bunch of people and it was not something to miss.


Reminded me a lot of when I was in New Orleans last year: Live music, cool food, unique trinkets and art, and a shit ton of turquoise jewelry, I LOVE TURQUOISE.




The Market is right on the water, just check out these Broncos themed sunsets!!!!

I ended up grabbing a beer at Pike Brewing CO, ehhhhh it was mediocre. I mean I’m not really a beer drinker anyways but it didn’t come close to some of the beer I’ve had in SoCal.


One of my favorite items inside the market was the Mick’s Peppourri Pepper Jelly stand. The chick working the counter was awesome too, she was loading me up with free samples. Unfortunately I only had a carry on so couldn’t bring any home but I’m highly considering ordering some online, I mean just look at all these flavors!!! My roomate A and I decided we are going to put our cooking skillz to the test and try to remake some of these flavors, stay tuned.



Last thing I did on my quick trip was a visit to the first Starbucks ever…pretty sweet just to see and a bit different than expected. I didn’t end up grabbing a cup of coffee though, the line was fucking nuts on the inside! #BasicBetch


See that peace jacket above? Major Key Alert.



All in all I had a successful business trip with some spare time to enjoy the city. Just wish I I could have stayed longer, but I’m definitely going to make it back sometime soon.








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