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Manhattan and The Masturbation Station


*Article originally published for work purposes. Photo credit: Manifest New York*

As I work in the wireless tech industry, last August I investigated a waste management company’s intention to transform Manhattan-based trash cans and recycle bins into wireless hotspots. While both an interesting and novel concept, Bigbelly’s idea sparked questions of security, distance and reliability. Similarly, another company has set their eyes on providing Wi-Fi in the streets of Manhattan by converting unused payphone booths into wireless hotspots with an added ‘bonus’.  Last week, London-based sex toy brand, Hot Octopuss, launched the first ever GuyFi  booth, providing the men of Manhattan the interesting combination of high speed internet access and the privacy to masturbate during work breaks. A ‘Masturbation Station’ away from the work station, if you will.

Recently, Time Out New York published a poll determining an overwhelming 39% of people masturbate at work. Are you fucking kidding me?? That means while I write this article at least 4 of my coworkers are contemplating jerking off on their breaks. HA! Combine that shocking statistic with a staggering 80% of Americans reportedly suffering from work induced stress and the GuyFi concept was born. In a press release issued by Hot Octopus, they have “created the GuyFi booth to take this habit out of the office and into a more suitable environment.” While they acknowledge public masturbation is an offense, they claim they are simply encouraging New Yorkers to “self-Soothe” and relieve stress. Although details are limited, there was a reported 100 visitors the first day, proving some interest exists.

While controversy begins to ensue, the fact is that staying connected is more important than ever. Although public hotspots with free access seem enticing, we encourage you to check out XCom Global’s fleet of hotspots. With unlimited data, connectivity in over 200 countries and territories, and no roaming fees, we too can provide a bit of “self-soothing”. Our hotspot provides a secure WPA-2 password and allows you to connect up to ten of your personal devices, giving you privacy and security wherever you go! Unlike Bigbelly’s Wi-Fi trash cans or Hot Octopuss’ GuyFi booths, we are mobile and conveniently fit right in your pocket.

So, is the GuyFi booth the new hotspot for your hotspot?  While this currently remains unknown, two things are for certain. The GuyFi booth was a solid marketing stunt and Manhattan is officially the designated guinea pig for novel and sometimes fucked up Wi-Fi ventures.


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