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Igoe to Baja, Mexico!

So I’ve been to Mexico almost ten times, but I must say this one was for the record books. Coincidentally, I’ll be headed to Cabo in a week from today with my friend ‘D’ and her family for Thanksgiving. FREAKING EXCITED! However, last week my friend ‘A’ and I were invited on an impromptu trip to Baja, MX by our buddy/local bartender ‘B’ and although completely random we said YAASSSSS. I’ve never driven to Mexico, which is odd as I live in San Diego and Mexico is a stone throw away – regardless – this trip was completely different than any trip I’ve taken to mexico. We actually absorbed the culture and it was a very down to earth – raw – experience. Our first night we camped out under the STARS. Everyone was giving me shit because I was freaking out about these damn stars. But SD always has a marine layer and stars are practically nonexistent. Our bartender B had already been in MX for a bit and had put up a nice campsite on the cliffs, it was breathtaking. We all ended up crashing in the bed of his truck, all while I was flabbergasted at the stars....!!!!


HAHHA YEA RIGHT I didn’t take the picture above, Google did. But it was unreal, my GoPro just couldn’t capture its beauty. Anyways, we checked out the local bar and had a new drink called a Paloma and I am seriously obsessed. It’s grapefruit juice, soda water, lime juice and tequila. If any of you know me, I can’t say no to tequila. Ever.

image (63).jpg

We woke up on the cliffs of Baja.. it was mind blowing.

image (82).jpg

Once we packed up the camp site we went into San Antonio Del Mar for some seriously epic local food. We had fresh fish tacos then checked out a bar known for their Poloma’s, so good.

image (64).jpgimage (65).jpg

image (67).jpg

Just look at that georgeous plate of delishiousness. Fresh tuna, shrimp, octopus, scallops…the motherload! En Route to our next adventure we stopped at this lil shop full of homemade honey, hot sauces, and spicy peppers, which is my JAM!image (80).jpg

Then we went to a hidden gem in La Buffadora (shit I know I’m butchering the spelling here) and went free diving and played on floaties. AHHHHH. I want to go again right now.


We decided this basically looks like our engagement photo.





After playing in the agua we went to a hole in the wall smoked fish place, it was amazing. you could tell the fish was so fresh.

image (68).jpg

image (69).jpg

The bro working the little fish joint was so nice!

This is the pad we stayed at second night. Literally four different stories right on the beach across from the Coronado Islands.

image (74)

image (85).jpg

We had a blast cooking in the kitchen, one of the girls on the trip made a homemade watermelon tequila cocktail…or something like that. But in any event, t’was delicious.

image (79).jpg

image (78).jpg

here’s the bar we went to. LOVE THE NAME ARE YOU KIDDING ME

image (75).jpg


















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