2 Girls Looking for Winter Boyfriends

This is a REAL post that I made about a FAKE situation. My roomate C and I aren’t actually on the prowl for men, unless your name is Ryan Gosling or Scott Eastwood. You should see some of the responses we got- Craigslist is a hilarious place hahah!

2 Girls Looking for Winter Boyfriends

Well folks it’s that time of year again to give up sloppy hookups and fear of rejection and begin the hunt for temporary winter boyfriends. As the hibernation months slowly enclose, we have decided it’s time to retire our independent ways and brave the cold with the company of some men. Definitely looking to lock down winter boyfriends that are down to reserve Sundays for us as we are really busy during the week and have minimal time and effort to dedicate to a relationship.

Us? In our 20’s, athletic, adventurous, self proclaimed comedians. My roommate is 5’7 and probably open to someone around 5’11ish. I’m 5’10 myself so ideally looking for 6’2 so I can wear my heeled fur boots without being taller than you.

You? Athletic, enjoys ridiculously spicy food, not overwhelmingly hairy, willing to embrace another person during shit storm weather

Now you may be thinking you could take on the both of us-but let us just stop you right there. We are definitely seeking TWO separate bros for the winter months. Preferably, qualified parties enjoy stereotypical candle scents like pumpkin spice and gingerbread. Also it’s imperative that our Winter Boyfriends like Football (bonus if you’re a Bronco’s fan) and have watched The League at least twice. We also would prefer bros that don’t mind all four of us hanging out in my room together and maybe watching Harry Potter or X-Men marathons – added perk if you have a group of cool guy friends that we can all hangout with.

As the cold weather ensues, prolonged indoor activity motivates an absurd amount of cuddling and couple-ish things. Potential activities include cooking together, double dates to SD Beer Fests, Sunday brunching, kayaking la jolla caves and taking s’cute photos, massive amounts of cuddles, lending us your oversized basketball sweatshirt when the air is brisk, us getting Panera and letting you finish our soup because we care about your needs, listening to an exorbitant amount of Christmas music, watching thrillers like Gone Girl and Donny Darko with blankies, taking pix in our beanies and ski trips to the mildly snow-capped California mountains-or perhaps even a road trip to Colorado, if the opportunity exists.

So let’s get this going before our libido kicks in and it’s back to swimsuits and beach parties and lack of commitment.

#CuffingSeason #Bae #ThisIsSoUs


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