Thrifty Tips

Random Tips for the Traveler on the Go

In the words of Van Wilder, write this down.

-Work trips typically require at least a few fancy pieces of clothing. But after being stuffed away in a suitcase for hours, sometimes your once professional blazer looks like complete hell. Don’t want to pay for dry cleaning but also don’t have an ironing board because this is 2015? NO PROBLEM. There are two solid ways I have learned to “steam” and de-wrinkle my clothing items.
1. Put your dress on a hanger and place it on the shower rod near the back end of your shower, away from the water. Turn the water on boiling hot, close your shower doors and leave the bathroom for about five minutes. Return to a steamy mess in the bathroom, but a perfectly de-wrinkled dress. Boom.
2. The less long version to get wrinkles out of your clothes is to turn on a blow dryer and pass it up and down the clothing item. Sometimes I’ll even have my clothes on and press it up and down, slowly fading the wrinkles. Yes, it is hot as fuck, but yes, it works. Magic!

-I have two types of luggage in my life. I have a mildly embarrassing, gigantic bright pink spotted suitcase I named Dr. Pinky, and a small, normal human sized all black, professional suitcase. Now that I am an adult (sigh) I find myself only needing a small bag on the go for trips, leaving me nervous that some hood rat is going to nab my bag on accident or I am not going to be able to find it amongst the smorgasbord of all black suitcases at the airport. Make sure to put a colored ribbon, or some sort of tag on your suitcase that makes it stand out from the rest. This saves you time and eases anxiety.

-Carry $1’s. I have listed this on a few of my blog posts, and guess what? I never do it. I suck. Regardless this is something I highly recommend ALWAYS having. Whether you’re splitting a bill, or playing a song on a jukebox, tipping the Bellboy, or giving that homeless guitar player a few bucks, always having $1’s is a good rule to live by. ESPECIALLY while traveling. But I fail to take my own advice.

-They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. My doctor Meg says every time I skip breakfast my metabolism gets significantly worse. Must be science. As most of my readers don’t know, I had a surgery as a baby that took out a large part of my intestine and a few other pretty important organs that aid in digestion. Dr. Meg and I have argued about breakfast for years, I’m just not that hungry when I wake up at fucking 6AM MEG, I literally went to bed six hours ago! Anyways, she advises me to eat in the morning to help get digestion going, but my life is pretty damn busy to even consider breakfast. That’s where my AMAZING egg in a cup comes in handy.This is perfect for the traveler on the move that wants an actual breakfast and not some chalky protein bar. I swear if you have eggs, a few veggies, and some protein options, you can make unlimited varieties of eggs in a cup. My fave version (although odd and probably unappetizing to you) is an egg, spinach, corn, some type of meat – I’ve even used shrimp – then mix that shit up and nook it in the microwave for 45 seconds then boom! Dump siracha on that bad boy and get your ass moving.

-This trick goes way back to my college dorm days. Didn’t pack any speakers but want some tunes?
Bust out that cup and drop your phone right into it, it literally amplifies the sound 4 times! Already know about this don’t you? Figured I’d still share.

-Why does everyone make the concept of tipping so hard on themselves. Of course traveling outside of the United States is a different scenario, as different cultures have different expectations and guidelines when it comes to tipping. But at least in the U.S., don’t waste your precious travel time by spending twenty minutes figuring out how much to tip. It is extremely simple if you know this one little trick. Say the bill is $100.00. To find a 20% tip simply move the decimal point over to the left one time and multiple by two= $20 bucks. Now lets move beyond first grade and do a harder one. Say the bill is $54.00. Move the decimal to the left once, times it by two=$10.80 would be a 20% tip! If you are trying to find a different percent, say 10%, you would do the same math, except you are an asshole. General rule is 20% unless you’re waitress is the worst and the general rule of tipping is $1 per drink if you’re sitting at a bar.




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