Igoe to The Venetian, Las Vegas

Holy. Shit. People!

Why doesn’t everyone stay at The Venetian when visiting Vegas? This place is my absolute favorite hotel thus far, and I’ve been to Vegas too many times. First, they let us check in super early, at like 9:30AM. We were there for a travel conference and I was shocked that they let us do that, props to customer service! Once in my room, again, shocked! It was a suite! And we paid the conference price of $99 a night, which is nothing in this town.  My room was sick! Had a huge bathroom, with tall ceilings and a huge bed. A sunken living room, with two couches, a desk, a table, three tv’s in the hotel room total….see where I’m going with this?? I could have thrown a massive party in here! It was dope! Overall it was a great hotel, I love how the decorations and the inside honestly resembles Venice.


That’s inside!!!

One night we ended up heading to Drai’s to meet my neighbor who happened to be in Vegas as well and we hung out in the Captain Morgan’s VIP lounge. I didn’t roll into my room until about 4am that morning and ended up ordering a turkey sandwhich. Again, the staff was on point! So friendly and put up with my drunken stupor.

The next day we went to Machine Gun Vegas while we were waiting for the trade show to begin! I’ve never shot a gun before (besides Modern Warfare and Call of Duty- of course) so this was unreal. The professionalism of the staff was amazing and made me feel safe and comfortable. I got to shoot an M4, shotgun, AK-47, a glock (total badass), and a Saw – I didn’t even know what a saw was prior. But it was my favorite of them all. Very neat experience and would be interested in going again!



Until next time Vegas!!



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