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Thrifty Tips: 5 Things Every Business Traveler Should Bring Abroad

Here is a quick guide I posted to my companies blog regarding traveling abroad. Enjoy 🙂

As glamorous as traveling for work may seem, living out of a suitcase can be nerve-wracking. Make sure to bring these five items with you to travel abroad at ease.

1.Portable Wi-Fi 
As mentioned in one of our previous blog posts, staying connected while traveling has become a top priority. Specifically, keeping in touch with clients and maintaining reliable contact with your company is essential for any successful business trip. Whether you’re stuck due to weather delays or running late for an important meeting, having secure, portable Wi-Fi will aid in your productivity while traveling. With XCom Global services, take advantage of portable Wi-Fi in over 175 plus countries. Feel free to take all of your electronics with you, as our service functions on up to ten devices with only one hotspot rental.

2.Get your Global Entry Pass 
Sign up for the Trusted Traveler program! Long processing lines and tedious paperwork are far too familiar to the frequent traveler. With a Global Entry pass, enjoy expedited clearance when re-entering the United States by proceeding to Global Entry kiosks. Made available through the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, $100 fee will give you five years of pre-screened passenger coverage. Be prepared for a thorough background check and in-person interview to be considered for the program. But it comes highly recommended.

3.Utilize Smart Travel Apps
Apps like Passbook keep tabs on your most important traveling documents like boarding passes, discount cards, and more. Take advantage of tracking sites such as AwardWallet, an app that tracks all of your reward programs from credit cards to frequent flyer miles. One of the best parts about this app is that it records all of your miles from all of your accounts and also remembers your passwords for each, keeping you organized with minimal effort.

4.Portable chargers
This is a dead giveaway. Staying “online” in an increasingly mobile-relied era is imperative. Instead of taking the risk of finding an available charger at an airport or café, take your charger with you! This will make sure you can work whenever and wherever on the go. Also don’t forget extra battery packs for all of your electronic needs if you have them!

5. International Outlet Converters
Once at your destination, it is important to be able to plug in all of your tech savvy essentials. Make sure to bring a universal plug adaptor with you, as many countries rely on varying outlets. As important as it is to have backup, portable chargers, it is also highly recommended to have the right converter for the country you’re traveling to.Check this one out!

Happy Traveling!



3 thoughts on “Thrifty Tips: 5 Things Every Business Traveler Should Bring Abroad

  1. I totally agree with the portable charger and outlet converter – my gosh! I remember one of my many stopovers in Singapore airport trying to find some way to charge my laptop since I had some important work to finish, but foolish me had left said items at home…gah! $40 and a lot of stress later and I’d bought replacements. Wifi is also a key thing, but what about phone reception? I’ve found global sims to be irritating and prefer to buy local ones when I get to a place. What do you think?


    1. Hey there! Yea, I must say portable chargers saved my family and I in China! It’s sometimes overlooked though, and seems so obvious. My only issue with global sims is that it functions on a different number, so you don’t have all of your contacts and the reception can be questionable. The company I work for, XCom Global, provides world Wi-Fi coverage in 175 countries. We have contracts with domestic and international providers all over the world, so when you are traveling you are connected to either 3g or 4g depending on which reception you are closer to. Hope that gives you some insight! I would love to set you up with a few free days sometime to check it out!


      Liked by 1 person

      1. Wow! Actually that sounds amazing. With my job I am always moving (which would make sense since I’m a travelling artist/copywriter), so a global wifi provider would make life 100% easier


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