IGOE to San Bernardino for Blaze N Glory Fest!

AND NO I don’t smoke pot but Reggae music is my jam! I mean just look at this lineup:


Ughh miss it already. Back home I saw Iration, Pepper, and Slightly Stoopid at Red Rocks and it was almost $100. Our whole weekend ticket was about $150 and look at all those bands! I hope they put this show on next year.

Anyways we were planning on camping and let’s just say the day didn’t start off promising, as documented by my creative snapchat below:

image (13)

Well we ended up getting lucky. It was sooo nice out when we got there! Here is our friend B setting up camp for the ladies!!!

image (14)

The second day was not so pretty. Actually no, it was fucking freezing. But I had a good eyelash day, and I needed to take advantage of that. Pick your battles people.

image (20)

Second night was so cold that I legit was big-spooning C so hard that anytime she flinched I had to squeeze her to secure myself back into her body heat. Sorry C! Here are some awesome pix from the show (side note: The guys in Pepper are seriously so hott. Something so sexy about men who play music!!!!!!!!! That’s a wig by the way.

image (18)

Here’s Iration, we were so close!!!!!!!

image (17)

image (23)

Literally so much fun! Between shows we played beer pong, football, card games and our neighbors were awesome! Except the dumbass Hot-Topic girls that rolled up in a hummer next to us, proceeded to take their tent out and leave it on the ground, only to return by sundown to ask our boys to set their tent up. WTF.

Usually when I go camping I either live on protein bars or creep on other people’s campsites to see what type of food their workin with. Not the case here my friends. B is a camping wizard. We had eggs, bacon, potatoes, fish tacos, pancakes, the works! We referred to camping with B as “glamping” since our setup was overly glamorous. Well done B, can’t wait for MEXICO IN JUNE!

Here’s a pic of B’s sword stiring my drink, cuz we are badass like that.

image (16)

Can’t wait for more summer concerts!



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