Igoe Fishing out of Mission Beach!

“Fishing is like Yoga, but you still get to kill something”- Ron Swanson

Fishing was too much fun! Luckily C and I kept the drinking to a minimum Saturday night and were able to wake up at 4:45am to go fishing! We went through a company called Seaforth, and it was awesome! We met some seriously great people too, which is always an added bonus! Some guy even bought us three beers each, which was appreciated but also somewhat neglected as I personally wasn’t interested in drinking (I was day drinking Saturday with my friend D and some of our friends from highschool so raging early Sunday wasn’t on the agenda). Overall C and I had a successful day and I cannot wait to go again!

fish fish1

Repin’ some serious Mad Hueys style here:
fish3 fish4



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