Igoe to Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas!

Vegas and I have a very serious love hate relationship. Right before  you are in Vegas you are super stoked and can’t wait to go, while in Vegas everything is a blur, and after Vegas you hate yourself. And you hate your bank for allowing you out of the house. But this time was a lot different, and probably one of my favorite trips I’ve been on. First of all, I was there for a conference called Interop. It was my first trade show with my new company and it was a complete success. The first night we ate at one of the nicest restaurants I have ever been to, called Twist. Seriously amazing!!  My coworker actually knew someone that worked at the restaurant and they REALLY took care of us. Look how fucking cute these desserts are:

image image

We stayed at Mandalay Bay, a resort I have been to several times. I’ve always really enjoyed it. I ALWAYS win at this resort. Then I get on some heater and start spending money like a god damn idiot. Tipping the waitresses, tipping the dealers, basically tipping las vegas. Then all of the sudden I lost all my money. Typical. The second day of our tradeshow we got to meet Clay Matthews, which was neat! I don’t like The Greenbay Packers in any form, but he is a beauty.


This hotel is beautiful though, I really love it because it sits a bit off the beaten path, so there isn’t as much traffic. Also the pool is still bumping and still a lot of fun but nothing like the usual vegas pool parties with tits, horny dudes and booze flying all over the place. Good times.

After the trade show my girl C drove out to meet me for the weekend. The big fight was this weekend so there was no way we were dropping $800 on a hotel. So we ended up staying at one of her friends places, the UNLV dorms. Sidenote: I don’t think I would be alive if I went to college a block away from Las Vegas. We slept on the ground, which reminded me of my younger days. The first night C came we went to XS, literally one of my favorite clubs in vegas. It’s just such a sexy atmosphere, plus david guetta was playing! The second night we went to Omnia, a brand new club at Ceasars palace. This place is legit! It is gigantic and was packed full to the brim. We ended up meeting some nice guys with a VIP table on the rooftop, it was pretty fucking awesome. It overlooked the entire strip! Plus one of the guys works for Omnia, which is also opening in San Diego, meaning me and the ladies have a hookup!!! BOOM! We raged until 4am and overall it was a successful business/pleasure trip. Gotta love and hate that place. More hate though.


Happy Monday People



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