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IGOE to Grand Park Royal, Cancun

First day back and I’m already having withdrawals. Seriously epic time in Cancun, MX these last few days. But we have learned a lot from this trip. Below are some travel tips for all of you planning a vaca in the next couple of months that may come in handy! Pictures and hotel review to follow 🙂

Load the fuck up on every medicine under the sun: Always remember to take Vitamin C and medications like Airborn before flying. Since planes are basically a vessel of ill people and babies spitting up everywhere, it’s essential to stalk up. We of course caught colds immediately after the flight. If we would have prepped, this would have been avoided. Example: We brought advil and tums, ESSENTIAL for hangovers. Plus if you’re headed to a foreign country be sure to purchase these medications ahead of time. We went to buy cold medicine at a local drug store and couldn’t understand any of the available products- And I took five years of Espanol so that’s rather disappointing but more so pathetic. I blame Mrs. S. The most important meds to remember to bring are: Dramamine, Advil, Tums, Cold Medication and Vitamins.

Research hotel prior to your trip, take advantage of amenities: Although I have stayed in Mexico multiple times, It’s always important to research your hotel specifically and see what they offer. We actually used a Living Social coupon for our trip and it was fantastic. The hotel was beautiful, the customer service on point, and the food and beverages were perfect. Our hotel had four restaurants on site, three of which you must make reservations for and require appropriate dress. The best part about these restaurants? Not only is it all you can eat (AKA diet out the window) it’s also all inclusive. Which some people didn’t even know about. Definitely do your research people!

Triple check you packed everything for excursions and offsite activities: GOD DAMNIT. I had one thing to make sure to bring to our dive trip and I left it on the end of my bed. My brand new wetsuit! So upsetting. Make sure you have absolutely everything before you leave your hotel!

Bring dolla dolla bills yall! This is important. This may be more specific to Mexico but it’s still imperative. As the locals love the American Dollar, we made sure to bring enough cash to last us the trip=us being smart. However, we only had big dollar bills=us being stupid as shit. Moral of the story=bring a lot of $1 bills. Haggeling is nearly impossible if you only have $20 dollar bills and you are trying to spend $8 on something that initially cost $30. This was just stupid on our part. Plus you want to make sure you can tip the people at the all inclusive restaurants for working their ass off. Also you want to tip bartenders so they pour those margaritas strong!!!!!! Lesson learned.

Don’t get burned the first day: I didn’t, C didn’t, but a lot of people do. I know you want to get tan and show off your sexy bod but don’t sacrifice your bare skin to those intense sun rays. At least apply spf 15 to make sure you turn pink instead of lobster red. SERIOUSLY.

Sneak your camera, gopro, etc onto excursions : Another mistake made by C and I. Of course the excursions don’t want you taking your own videos and pictures because they want you to purchase theirs. But this BLOWS. We went ATV-ing, cliff diving, and zip lining. And didn’t get to bring my gopro. The other smarter travelers on the trip made sure to at least bring their cell phones. I should have done that. DAMN my good conscience.

Chapstick with SPF: My lips are peeling off in 1 inch patches as I type this. Make sure to bring chaptstick with protection. I can’t even smile without my lip cracking and starting to bleed. Shit is gnarly. LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES.

Don’t book your favorite activity for the last day: UGH I can’t even talk about this without getting heated. C and I had been looking forward  to diving our whole trip. We booked it a day before we left, assuming all was well. Once we got all ready and geared up to go into the water, the instructor told us it was too dangerous. Obviously safety comes first as C pointed out, but it was still unbelievably frustrating. I still haven’t been able to dive internationally and it makes me sad. Always make sure to plan your must-do activity in the first couple days, that way if it gets cancelled you have time to make it up.

Lastly: Always overpack and overprepare.




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