Real Problems People


Initially my friend D and I referred to this overwhelming feeling of self defeat and misery as the Sunday Blues. But recently the phrase Sunday Scaries was brought to my attention and something about the name truly resonates with me. What are the Sunday Scaries you ask? Let’s start from the beginning.

It’s Friday, and your feeling frisky. The weekend is right around the corner and you are about to let loose and pretend you don’t have a job for 48 magical hours. Whatever your weekend may entail, you’re stoked that you are a free bird to roam as you please without answering to a damn soul (unless you work in the nightlife industry or have an extremely needy boyfriend, then this may not apply to you).
You’re in a fantastic mood and those long hours in your cube are about to pay off in the form of raging, traveling, outdoor activities, or utter laziness. Which are all beautiful things.

All of the sudden it’s Sunday and your like “what the fuck did I do with my weekend”?  INSERT: The Sunday Scaries! Defined as an absolutely terrifying combination of the feeling the weekend is about to expire and 40-50 hours of work is about to ensue. Even if you have a Sunday filled with all kinds of fun, there is always Monday lurking over your shoulder, about to kick your ass back into reality. One of the worst qualities of the Sunday Scaries is that you are probably a tad bit hungover. Now being hungover on a Sunday is as American as apple pie. The combination of your body withdrawing from those fireball shots and the derailing feeling of not knowing where your life is headed is truly at the core of this phenomenon known as the Sunday Scaries.  It’s that awful feeling of laying in your bed around 10pm, sooo tired but can’t fall asleep because your mind is racing, asking yourself seriously deep life questions and often contemplating life in an extremely pathetic way. Your anxiety and lack of sleep from the weekend is making you shake, and you’re trying to force yourself to sleep-but the pressure of the week is looming.

Now even though this is a REAL PROBLEM people, there are a few real things to do to take your mind off the upcoming week and promote a smooth transition into Monday. Here are a few proven (sometimes pain in the ass) strategies that have worked for me to shake that feeling of panic, worthlessness and predisposed exhaustion.

  1. Jump in the ocean and as my friend D says “SHOCK THE SYSTEM”. Nothing like throwing your body into some cold ass water to really wake you up… Or make you vomit. But either way, it will wake you up.
  2. Light some candles and unplug from the social world for a bit. Coming from someone who either has to be talking to someone, listening to someone talk, stalking Brody Jenner’s instagram, researching my next vacation, refreshing my NCAA Bracket, etc. sometimes it’s nice to just unwind and invest some time in pure relaxation.
  3. Look forward to something, ANYTHING! Anything from an upcoming trip, a birthday party, a date, a warm bowl of pho and binging on some serious Netflix…anything that gets you pumped rather than brings you down. Sometimes it’s hard to actually focus on the positive when you feel like a grumpzilla, but knowing that you have fun on the horizon can calm those nerves  and give you some endorphins.
  4. Spend time with people. Misery loves company. FACT. Spend time with people that make you happy, whether your all pounding hot cheetos on the couch reminiscing of the shenanigans from the evening prior or going on a hike and enjoying the outdoors. Whatever you do, take some time to do it with the people that you care about and that care about you.
  5. Clean your room. Hear me out before you start complaining. Cleaning your room at the end of the week is kind of like setting yourself up for success for the upcoming week. When your clothes are away and your room looks a bit tidy, you start to feel more organized. Which sometimes leaves you feeling more motivated. I hate cleaning my room, but 70% of the time on the weekends I am entertaining and have guests. So instead of just my shit on the floor there is other peoples shit combined with my shit. Leaving my room in a state of turmoil that my father would have never let me leave the house back in highschool until I cleaned. Last weekend I turned on some Rebelution and got to work. The things you find after a weekend of hosting can be a hilarious game. I recently found an empty champagne bottle, someone’s SVEDKA branded sunglasses, half ass blown up arm floaties, and opened suckers stuck to my carpet. Overall a successful weekend.

Sunday can be scary, but there’s always Friday to look forward to!



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