The 5 Friends You Meet in Your 20s

May be one of the most factual things I have ever read!

Roads Less Traveled

In your twenties you’ve undoubtedly come to know and love a handful of friends who will stand by your side for the rest of your life (maybe not literally, but they’re there when you need them). This handful of friends have helped shape you into the person you are and continue to help shape who you’ll become. With them, you’re a perfect blend of everything – intellectual, romantic, free spirited, risky, day-dreamy – without them, you’re incomplete. It sounds cliche, but cliches can be true, at least in this case.

The Intellectual: You know her as someone who is wise beyond her years. She tests your mind, makes you strive to be better. You admire her wisdom and intellectual prowess. She knows the value of intelligence in a woman, and makes you value it in your life even more than you already did. At times she may challenge your opinions…

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