Mac N Effing Cheese


1. Creamy Baked White Mac N Effing Cheese: First of all, I found this recipe on a blog called Freckle and FairIf any of you know me, I am freckled, and I am moderately fair (sometimes I am tan, because truly I am one big freckle from the sun…but that’s besides the point). This dish is unbelievable. Plus this recipe has wine. This blogger must be my long lost twin.


2. Crab Mac N Effing Cheese by Dine and Dish: If you don’t like crab in everything that involves cheese you are seriously a sad individual. These two items were meant to be put together. This is one of those naughty recipes that includes HEAVY WHIPPING CREAM. Just the word “heavy” in a food description frightens me. But it’s worth it.


3. Do you even know who Thug Kitchen is? He is the most hilarious food blogger out there. Plus he is a health nut and knows how to make healthier versions of your naughty comfort foods, like this Creamy Cauliflower Pasta. Just read this sentence:”Want to enjoy creamy pasta without having to fucking worry about cholesterol?? Pureed califlower makes this sauce silky without any of that added bullshit”. Wherever you are thug kitchen, know that I love you.

9024ThugFood8004.Vegan Green Chili Mac N Effing Cheeseby Minimalist Baker: Now this is a blog that is a must read.First of all, John and Dana are a married couple with a cooking blog. Talk about cute! Their entire blog is dedicated to meals that require ten ingredients or less and 30 minutes or less. Now for all my broke betches out there, throw your HANDS UP! Minimal ingredients=more money in my pocket=the less late my rent is= All good things. This blog is ideal to reference if you have some sexy man friend coming over that you want to cook for but don’t want to embarrass your dumbass by cooking him easy mac and four day old garlic bread.

Vegan-Green-Chili-Mac-n-Cheese-30-minutes-from-start-to-finish-and-SO-creamy-and-satisfying5.Spinach Artichoke Mac N Effing Cheese by Damn Delicious: OH YES I DID. This dish combines your favorite dip and your favorite pasta. Oonst. This sneaky recipe squeezes in some greek yogurt to help you fit into your skinny jeans rather than layering on the lbs. I’ve made this one a dozen times, it’s a fun recipe to switch up. I added sun dried tomatoes one time and chorizo another. Get crafty. Crafty can be sexy. Sometimes. Unless you define crafty as making those bead animal keychains that you used to trade with your friends. If you recognize the below picture you KNOW what I’m talking about. IMG_0761edit

this is not sexy. this is sad.

6. BEER Mac N Effing Cheese by How Sweet Eats: Wait.. you heard me right. BEER and CHEESE. Your ears just had an eargasm and you don’t even know it yet. I would go on to describe how fucking delicious this dish is but I need a moment to myself.





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