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Budgeting Tips for Traveling

As discussed in the past, I have some difficulties when it comes to budget. There are just circumstances that arise that make you “blackout spend”. This is a term I coined to define that moment right before your about to over spend, and you know it…and you purposefully black it out so you don’t think too much about it. That moment you know you should pay rent before you purchase a trip to Cancun this April, but close your eyes and push “purchase now” anyways. Like an idiot…not that I did that recently or anything.

It’s almost like an adrenaline rush, and it’s super fucked up. Then the feelings of regret linger. But lately I have been doing a bit better when it comes to budgeting. I have made the decision to save for travel rather than buy that cute new wetsuit I want. Sigh. I have decided to combine a list of rules to abide by to help pinch pennies while traveling.

  1. Keep track of everything that you purchase. This is imperative. Say by the end of the week you realize that you spent 80% of your budget on food and drink and only 20% on activities, etc. This will make you put down that expensive ass piece of cheese and go zip lining instead! I’m definitely a foodie myself but you have to decide what’s more important to you.
  2. Don’t party too hard. Obivously you want to kick back and enjoy one of those fancy mai tais but keep in mind that functioning on a hangover is incredibly difficult and incredibly expensive. I could barely stand in the shower last Saturday after a night of excessive partying. That’s actually a lie, I didn’t stand. I sat. And was pissed that I was going to waste my Sunday hungover.
  3. AirBnb has changed the game when it comes to worldly accommodations. So many people out there want to travel by minimal means. This website is perfect for that. It’s not that it’s super cheap, some of the rentals are super expensive. But the fact that you can put in your arrival/departure dates and a country and press a button really makes searching for accommodation in another country relatively simple. Plus you get to check out reviews and make sure that your not staying at Hannibal Lectors house.
  4. Book your travel at the cheapest possible times. Check out Skyscanner. This app lets you compare prices by day, month, and time. It is said that Tuesday is the best day to book travel, and I have done a bit of research myself and it has proven to be relatively true. Don’t just type in San Diego to New York in google flights. Google knows you better than you know yourself. Google flights is like your ex boyfriend trying to make you pay the most possible to piss you off.
  5. You pack that snack pack! Seriously when I went to China my family and I packed little crackers and protein bars and this saved a lot of money. It also saved time, traveling in a pack of 8 really makes it difficult when deciding where to eat. One sister wants French fries, one wants Mexican, brothers vegetarian girlfriend wants a piece of Kale (Just kidding R, love you). On a similar note to packing your own snacks, bring an empty water bottle with you while flying, that way you can fill it up in the airport rather than spend $7.00 for a Smartwater. Gotta love those electrolytes though.

I feel like the more you travel the more you learn. Hopefully this list gets significantly longer as time goes by. Happy Tuesday!



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