IgoeWhereUgo: Phuket, Thailand

From as long as I can remember I never wanted to go to Thailand. For some reason unbeknownst to me, It just didn’t cross my mind. As I’m getting older I’m really starting to develop a deep need to visit this country. Recently, my roomate S picked her Brother and his new Wife up from their honeymoon. They were in Thailand! The pictures were breathtaking. The water is so surreal, I’ve come to the realization that I need to visit this place. Plus it seems like infinity pools were everywhere. I have a serious thing for infinity pools. They are the sexiest thing since Ryan Gosling. I would literally sell everything I own and “infinity pool hop” if I could. Much like bar hopping when you go out with friends until you find the bar that all the hotties flock to. But try every infinity pool i could get my hands on. God I’m getting carried away…

Top of the list: Sri Panwa! This resort is not real. It will remain as fictional as Harry Potter until I get to actually see this place. It has over 80 infinity pools, are.you.fucking.serious. This place screams sexy. There are big bean bags surrounding the pool with endless views of the magnificent water. I imagine myself drinking far too many pina coladas and getting a stomach ache on these bean bags and it sounds fantastic. There is an area where you can swim with birds which would be neat. Not a huge fan of birds though. They intimidate me.

Thanks to Wendy Perrin for writing an article on this place. ONE DAY I WILL GO WHERE U GO! Alright, back to my cube.




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