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The details of this night are a bit hazy. So Friday we went to grab some sushi before heading out on the town. Our roommate K has recently adopted seafood into her palette and let’s just say we’re excited. Because I eat fish tacos for breakfast. Anyways, there is something special to be said about Saki Bombs. No one likes saki, and if you do you are either full of shit or a diamond in the rough. Regardless, the buzz from saki is a curious one, you don’t feel it and then all of the sudden you’re slurring your words and spilling soy sauce in your lap.

After too many said saki bombs, we went back to the house to get ready. I had a man friend coming over, so I attempted to look attractive. Meaning I ripped a few shots of tequila in the basement bathroom with C to calm my nerves. Anyways, once everyone was at the house we headed out to the bars. But somehow we all got separated and ended up at different establishments.

Therefore I didn’t get to rendezvous with the ladies about their evening until the morning. And boy was it worth the wait! So apparently C and our friend Timmy were headed home from the bar and made a pit stop at Vons. I’m assuming to use the restroom. Well while Timmy is waiting for C to finish her business, she somehow manages to turn invisible and go buy an entire costco size box of tide detergent. OUT OF ALL THINGS TO BUY. Seriously. If I’m going to make a drunken purchase I’m buying a 2 liter of lemonade and pizza rolls. I’m certainly not buying Tide.

Somehow she ends up with a box of tide, disappears from Timmy and makes it home in one piece. Poor Timmy was mind fucked! Best part and maybe worst part is that she has zero recollection of this come the morning time.

Slow golf clap for C for one of the funniest things I have ever seen #GoneWithTheTide



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