Real Problems People

Real Problems People: The Rich Get Richer

This is a concept I will never understand. The 1% of people that can afford to spend 10g out at a club on a Tuesday night are the ones who get everything comp’d.  Meanwhile, my friends and I who work 50 hour weeks are scraping together dollar bills to afford a cab ride downtown. I once sold my microwave just to go to a concert in LA. NO REGRETS. But back to the point…

Why is our society built around this concept? How does it make sense to give Michael Jordan free Subway for life when he could own every damn Subway in America if he so chooses? I mean I understand small companies reaching out to celebrities and providing them their free products to try and promote their business. But large, well known companies shouldn’t be providing free shit for celebrities when they truly are the only ones who can afford their products. It promotes a cycle of the rich getting richer.

Additionally, the wealthy 1% can start any companies that they choose. Donald Trump could start a food cart dedicated entirely to cotton candy and you KNOW he would make bank. Example: Kate Hudson, Whom I love, already has a lot going for her. But she recently came out with a yoga clothing line. She already makes a living as a successful actress and now of course needs her own clothing line. Point being that once you have enough money you can afford to start any type of business while the rest of America is struggling to start a successful career. It’s just confusing.

What happened to the American Dream of working your ass off. I started working odd jobs when I was 14. I saved all my money and bought a bunch of candy from costco and sat outside my neighborhood pool with a visor on (steezy) all summer selling starburst packets for 75% profit. I was an entrepreneur! But the millennials American dream is to get famous via social media, singing, or doing something so stupid that it goes viral. This is fucked.  Now there are just Kim Kardashian wannabe’s flocking the streets. This is a REAL problem people.



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