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Product Review: Scensibles

Alright if there are any dudes following my blog which I highly doubt, cover your eyes. I know this type of talk is not your jam.

Today I’m giving a product review of Scensibles.

You’re all familiar with those grumpy signs in the ladies restrooms that go something like this: “STOP FLUSHING TAMPONS DOWN THE TOILET”. My favorite I ever saw was this gem:


You either flush the products and sneak away or close your eyes and toss the products in the waste receptacle. This was where Scensibles founder and CEO Ann Germanow came to a crossroads. She knew there had to be a better solution for this common issue. Thus, Scensibles was born! This product is a small, cute, sanitary disposable bag with built in antimicrobial agents to fight odor.  And check out this clever tagline:  “Scensibles are delightfully discreet disposal bags for feminine hygiene products. Convenience for the inconvenient. Period.” Catch that? That’s on point!

Great part is you don’t have to excessively wrap your hygiene products in toilet paper, meaning you are saving money (which I’m all about) and you are saving trees, sparking a tiny hippy fire within me. Another win for scensibles is that it helps keep your pets out of your garbage, don’t pretend like you don’t know what I’m talking about.

I highly recommend all you ladies to check it out!  I give this product and this entrepreneur an A+. While Ann was in San Diego she paid a visit to us girls, texting us to get our asses to the beach to check out the man candy flooding the bay. Now that is a type of woman I want to hang out with!


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