Thrifty Tips

Drinking Cheap

Want to pinch some serious pennies while simultaneously looking like a homeless 21 year old? Get yourself a disposable pocket flask. This flask is a foldable, bendable flask that fits pretty much anywhere if you’re willing to try. I once duct taped it onto my thigh for a Chargers Vs. Broncos game. Good thing too because the Broncos lost and I had to drown my misery. WTF Manning.

Anyways, a couple weeks back we went to Big Bear and The Offspring was playing a free show. You know I love free shit. But the downfall to these free concerts is that one drink costs either $15 or making out with the dude that smells like old Chinese to scam some drinks. Sometimes I go with the latter. Regardless, we decided to bring a pocket flask. SUCCESS! We filled that baby up to the brim with Fireball (this shit has more sugar than those butter cookies your Grandma used to make you) and BOOM we drank our cheap, warm whiskey and couldn’t have been happier. After you rage face stick that guy in the washing machine and you’re ready for round 2. Get yourself one!
Your welcome.




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