Real Problems People

Real Problems People: Money Negligence

Now if you are anything like me, which I assume you are since you are still reading this, then sometimes you like to just not look at your bank statements. At all. Just pushing it aside much like when you drop ice cubes on the ground and kick them under the fridge.  Thinking to yourself, well if I don’t look at it, I won’t be upset. This is so fucked up people.

Prime example: I complain all week how broke I am. Eating processed shit and drinking crystal light lemonade (that’s my jam). All of the sudden I find out my girlfriend from Newport is coming to town and I’m rich as Martha Stewart. I’m talking shopping, brunch, $18 dollar fruity drinks with the umbrellas in them. Don’t worry guys, I’ll get this round! Feeling like a badass.

Then Monday comes and I have no idea what I just did with my life. This is a real problem people.

The lesson? Pay attention to your money! The moment I started actually watching my account I noticed that If I didn’t spend money on stupid shit I would have money for the things I really want to do. AKA travel. Plus I also started noticing this sleazy bar I always go to adding a few extra dollars here and there for their tip on my receipts. Scum bags. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.



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