Grinds my Gears


Oh relax I’m not talking about you. Last night my girls and I went out for a couple drinks at this new spot we had been wanting to check out. Super contemporary on the inside and overall a great feel for a bar on the beach. Something to know about me, I really LOVE surprises. From extremes like birthdays to things like “surprise you can have my leftover pizza”. It’s the little things.

Sometimes I like telling bartenders to surprise me, since I’m not awfully picky and I like to try new concoctions. Well I did just that last night, unbeknownst to me our hipster bartender doesn’t like to dish out surprises. He looked at me strange and shook his head as if I just asked him something in Spanish. WELL my surprise took about six and a half minutes. Hipster had to crush eight different pieces of fruit and garnish. 8. So slowly I started realizing this guy is making me like a 15 dollar drink. Ohhhhhh. Sneaky. So I mentioned, “hey don’t make me the most expensive drink at the bar, haha” and he did not like that. He was making annoying comments to the other bartenders acting like we are at some seriously upscale establishment. It’s a beach bar, slow your roll hipster. Seriously grinds my gears.



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