Dating Apps

Dating is just not what it used to be. The last 5 years of technology advancements has seriously changed the game. I used to meet guys out on the town, at the beach, I even met some hot dude while picking up cream cheese in the grocery store one time. I wonder where he is….

But technology has created this online dating world through social media. Example: Tinder. This app is literally the most shallow way to meet someone. If you are new to this allow me to explain. Basically Tinder hands you a platter of men that are near your area and you get to swipe through some of their pictures and decide if you like them or not. Typically, you will see some tall dark and handsome guy standing next to a short dude with a shirt on that says “I eat tacos” in the first picture. You will then click on said picture hoping it’s the tall model. NOPE. Then you swipe on to the next guy. Once you do find someone that fits your criteria Tinder will tell you if they like you back or nah. WHAT IS THIS SHIT. Worst part is I find myself getting on the app a descent amount with my girlfriends. Literally one time we put on a movie we all wanted to see and fifteen minutes deep we all look up at each other and realize we are all sexting some bros we are never going to meet on Tinder. Maybe I shouldn’t say never. Last night my roommate S and all of us went on our first Tinder experience. A dude asked S out and said that they should both bring some friends and we can all hang out. Turned out not to be that awkward. But I got drunker than I wanted to and now I’m typing this with one eye open day dreaming about Netflix.

There’s now talk of this app called Hinge. Apparently the app matches you up with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree connections of your Facebook Friends. I like this a bit better, seeing as you could stalk the shit out of them before actually meeting them. But again it’s all based on if you would want to jump this guy or not. I’m not saying that looks aren’t important. Teeth are very important. And height.  And if they can pick me up. And if they hate cats and love dogs. Jesus no wonder I’m single.

But looks sometimes don’t cut it. I dated a guy out here about a year back and he was a complete smokeshow. I’m talking sexy. But he was dumber than rocks. Asking him a question was like asking my dad a question while he was watching football. Twenty second delay and responding with “What?”.  Let that one fizzle out real quick.

Obviously you want someone you are attracted to but you also need someone who can carry on a conversation and that can make you laugh. There should be an app for that.




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