Colorado Travel Tip

If you ever get to check out Colorado you need to obviously head to the mountains. Born and raised in Colorado, it’s safe to say that it’s one of the most remarkably beautiful places on this earth. A little insider tip: Go to the flatirons in Boulder. Some seriously epic views and you can hop around the streets and pretend your in college again. The glory days.

If you make it to CO, you NEED to check out Cosmo’s pizza. As I went to school in Boulder, I used to slam this pizza when we got home from bars. It is seriously bomb. But it’s not really the pizza as much as it is the SPICY RANCH. You can just stop right here if you don’t eat ranch with pizza. That’s Un-American. Leave.

This place serves up pizza until 3am and it’s thin and greasy and perfect for attempting to cure a hangover in advance. The spicy ranch is homemade and I sometimes would use more ranch than could fit on my pizza. Which is disgusting and beautiful. Cosmos spicy ranch has blown up so much it has it’s own website and probably generating more revenue in a day than I make in a month. it’s now sold in SafeWay’s and Whole Foods all over Colorado. It’s that good.

So if you go to Colorado anytime soon make sure to pick some up and let’s have a fucking pizza party.



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