My First Post: Why the hell am I blogging?

Ever since I was a kid I wasn’t a fan of writing. Length requirements, content requirements, having your unworthy classmates check your work 4 times, the list goes on. But lately time is going by too fast and it’s unsettling. I blinked and it’s already swimsuit season. Ugh. I decided to take advantage of being able to write about whatever I want while also documenting along the way. That way I can look back at my crazy, messy, sometimes fascinating life.

Regardless of my journey, I also want to keep track of all the people, places, and things that inspire me. Hence the nam IgoeWhereUgo (I-go-where-you-go), yes I am fancy. I find myself spending hours on social media platforms, but not for the same reason a typical 20something year old does. I could care less what Jenny’s aunt’s boyfriend’s cousin’s kid’s slutty girlfriend is doing. I instead love spending time following other vagabonds out there and learn from their tips and tricks, so one day I can go where they go.

However, I’ve come to the painful realization that I need to rest my wandering soul and keep working the daylight away. In the meantime I’ll be following all of you beautiful people while simultaneously sharing some of my experiences along the way.




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